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Questions You Better Ask Your House Cleaning Service

Wondering What to Ask a House Cleaner?

You’re probably planning to spend much of your free time this summer cooking, grilling, and relaxing poolside. But, even if you’re careful to protect your living space from the elements, your house can still get dirty if the proper precautions are not taken. You may have already considered cleaning your home alone. But you’ll want to consider hiring a professional house cleaning service provider to save time and money while still getting all the benefits of having a clean living space.

When choosing a house cleaning business, be sure to ask these questions:

How long have you been in business?

It can be tempting to hire a local company in your area, but the truth is that you will get more than adequate results from a house cleaning business that has been in operation for a few years. As such, you should be willing to pay more for a house cleaner with many years of experience in the industry and also who can provide you with a good warranty on their work.

Do you provide a written guarantee on your services?

Ask for a written guarantee on the services that you will receive. Some companies will offer a guarantee on the work performed and one that will apply to the first 100% of the company’s work. You can also get free cleaning at first, in addition to the guarantee, if the service provider provides it.

How much will you charge?

You should also ask the house cleaner what they will charge you, and you should have a price in mind before your first meeting. You should also know what the company’s rate per hour or project is and what your total costs will be.

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