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Haven’t you always wanted your house to be perfectly cleaned? Thanks to our professional service, it is possible! Here at TNN Properties LLC, we realize that cleaning is not only boring, but also nobody likes doing it. So, whenever you need professional help, keep in mind that with our company you will have it!

TNN Properties LLC
Address: 3647 Russell Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412
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by Anelia J. on TNN Properties LLC
So happy I found you

I am so happy my house cleaning duties are no longer mine. The cleaners from TNN Properties LLC are my new heroes. No more chemicals, no mops no nothing. I call them and they bring everything they need. And in fact, they are cleaning my home better than me! Strongly recommend them to anyone who is tiered of cleaning!

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House cleaning service

Cheap, quick and easy! Leave your house cleaning duties to a professional

We are a residential cleaning company located in Minneapolis MN, and have been in this business since 2008. Although we are considered a comparatively new company, we possess everything needed, in order to provide a top rate service to our customers. What is more, many of our clients have told us they would use only our services in the future. The reason for this is that we provide full satisfaction to every customer. This way, not only do we transform our clients into repeat ones, but we also guarantee ourselves that they will recommend our residential janitorial service to their friends and family.

Here at TNN Properties LLC, our philosophy is that our professionalism is proven by the quality of our service. So, keep in mind we will do everything we can, in order to offer you top rate residential janitorial service. This is the only way to guarantee your satisfaction, and be certain that every guest you might have will be amazed how clean your house is. Therefore, be sure that we always strive to provide exactly what our customers desire.

Residential CleaningDid we mention that we provide all our services at affordable rates? Well, it is true! In the interest of full commitment to the wishes of our clients, here at TNN Properties LLC, we offer our residential cleaning service at competitive rates. This way, it is indisputable that with our company, you receive a service that is not only top rate, but also reasonably priced. So don’t wait until tomorrow, and contact us today! We will show you what true professionalism means, with our maid cleaning service.

Another reason why our company is considered to be a primary choice for the residents of Minneapolis MN, is that we provide our residential cleaning service without the need of an appointment. Therefore, we can say that with our company you don’t have to wait for days, in order to receive high quality service. Simply call us, and we will give you more information about our availability, and tell you when we can provide you with our excellent home cleaning service.

Keep in mind that our company provides out of hours properties cleaning service too. You just need to contact us in advance, in order to tell us what time is most suitable for you. Remember that our schedule is busy, and the sooner you contact us, the better it will be.

Tips and useful information

Here is a short list with the things our full-scale properties cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuuming
  • Empty Trash
  • Spot picking up
  • Dusting
  • Fresh smelling rooms

Remember that TNN Properties LLC is the Minneapolis MN based company that can give you maid cleaning service with exceptional quality. Don’t hesitate to call us!

Call (651) 307-6180 today!